– Distribution Centre activity
– Field Stock Locations (FSL)
– In-night deliveries out to Pick Up and Drop Off points (PUDO)
– In-Boot delivery

We have developed our own bespoke Wearhouse Manages system specifical for managing the storage and distribution of Spare Parts. 

We call this software “TRACE”, each item of stock received has its own unique ID reference applied on a bar-coded label and this enables us to manage the stock with a very high degree of accuracy, and enables the client to have full, transparent and real-time view of each and every transaction on each part from receipt to final despatch (and return) and everything in-between – including when each individual part was stock checked and by whom.

As part of our spare parts warehousing solutions, each client is allocated specific bin/pallet locations in the warehouse for their exclusive use – our Trace software will only allow stock assigned for that customer to be scanned into that bin. Similarly, when picking, it will only allow stock assigned to that client account to be picked. This gives TVS SCS stock accuracy figures in the region of 99.8% across its entire client base both in NDC and FSL facilities

Dependant on requirements we can either directly use the client Enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle and other WMS or Call management systems, but our preference is that  we interface into the client system using a gambit of methods appropriate for the software and situation, in order that we can leverage on the capabilities of the Rico TRACE system.

Our “TRACE” software is so flexible it is also used as the primary warehouse management system by some clients within their own buildings, and is also used by clients in large Staging and Configuration centres that TVS Supply Chain Solutions operate on the clients behalf

To manage both client costs and to ensure the fasted delivery of stock, our TRACE system is able to provide the nearest 3 TVS SCS stock locations with available stock which are closest to a particular delivery postcode.    Our picking capability can be by serial number – options include picking any serial number but recording the one picked, or picking a specific Serial number that the client requires us to pick, or simply picking on a FIFO basis – whatever the case as each item of stock is uniquely tagged, our TRACE system monitors each specific items that is picked and dispatched.

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