TVS Supply Chain Solutions provides fast and reliable engineers throughout Spain.


 Our team of engineers have the knowledge and experience to provide a managed technology service for a full range of IT and technology equipment in any industry.


Whether you have an issue that can be resolved remotely, by one of our engineers providing you with the correct instruction, or an issue that requires an engineer or technician to come to your site. 

Our in house engineering services team provides assistance and guidance at all levels. With 32 forward stock locations and 133 PUDO across Spain and Portugal, supported our Same Day Courier service, we can provide a 4, 6 or 8-hour response and fix times. We’re here for when you need us.

Technical Exchange

  • Provides scripted replacement of failed hardware
  • Cost efficient alternative to onsite repair
  • Able to support a vast range of equipment
  • Distribution and return of products to central warehouse or repair partner via our technical courier service team

Break/Fix Repair

  • Troubleshooting, diagnosis and intrusive repairs
  • Trained on a wide range of equipment and customer requirements
  • Repair activities lasting 30 minutes to several hours
  • Spare parts distributed through the TVS SCS PUDO & FSL network

Other services

  • Cleaning and testing
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • “hands and eyes” support
  • Non-technical exchanges
  • Collections and deliveries via our technical courier service team

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