December 15, 2020 | Press Release

Roca Parryware announces tie-up expansion with TVS Supply Chain Solutions

Chennai, 15th December, 2020: Roca Parryware, India’s leading Bathroom products company has announced the strengthening of business tie-up with TVS Supply Chain Solutions (TVS SCS) by the expansion of their area of operations covering the factories, warehouses and Import/export logistics.

Roca Parryware roped in TVS SCS to support the Supply Chain operations during the year 2018 and since then both the partners have worked together to delight the vast network of more than 2000 customers across India.

Roca Parryware operates in India with 8 manufacturing facilities and 12 warehousing stations. Apart from this the company also exports to over 15 countries including USA, Brazil, Australia, China and many parts of Europe. The company continues to import many containers from several countries to meet the growing demands for global products in India.

Being a market leader in India with 5 powerful brands under its foray – Armani Roca, Laufen, Roca, Parryware and Johnson Pedder – the company has successfully rebounded faster from Covid blues and got back to double digit growth levels.

Commenting on the important occasion, Mr. K.E. Ranganathan, MD of Roca Parryware said, “We are extremely happy with our partnership with TVS Supply Chain Solutions over the last 3 years. TVS SCS has added in good measure to our persistent customer focus by getting our products to our Dealers across India on time, every time.

Our company has managed Covid very efficiently by ensuring the safety of all our employees and partners. We are back to higher double digit growth since Oct 2020 which is strong endorsement from our delighted customers of our power brands – Roca, Parryware and Johnson Pedder.

The complexity of our business operations is fairly high. With 8 factories, 12 warehouses, 2000 dealers/builders, 5000 SKUs, 500+ bathroom combinations, the challenges on Supply Chain front is extreme. With the single minded focus to delight our dealers and builders we partnered with TVS SCS since year 2018 and have seen the benefits in the forms of happy customers, sustained revenue growth and well managed inventory at optimum costs.

We believe by extending our partnership with TVS SCS across all our supply chain operations we will continue to build a robust SCM solution for our customers. With the year 2021 promising a robust revenue growth of over 20%+ due to our well planned market demand pull actions, we believe strengthening our partnership with TVS SCS is a step in the right direction for both organizations to continuously delight our customers.”

Mr. R. Dinesh, Managing Director of TVS Supply Chain Solutions commented, “We are delighted to further extend our partnership with Roca Parryware in India, cementing on the great relationship we had built over the last 3 years of our association. TVS SCS offers the best-in-class digitally led integrated supply chain solutions. The vast network of dealers of Roca Parryware today are a lot more demanding on SCM. With dynamic demand situation and consumers wanting products in a fast and efficient manner, our systems and processes have to be digitally integrated to deliver an elevated experience.

Roca Parryware is one of our key customers in this sector not only in India but also globally. We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial association and help them grow their business consistently”

POSTED ON December 15, 2020