December 17, 2019 |

Be Prepared for CNY 2020

Avoid delays on your shipments around Chinese New Year 2020 (24 January – 9 February 2020)

Chinese / Lunar New Year 2020 takes place on 25 January 2020. As part of the cultural celebrations, most businesses – including manufacturers, suppliers, and workers – are on break for up to 2 weeks immediately following.

During this time, supply chains will experience significant disruption. Be prepared for CNY 2020 by looking forward and organising your shipments now.

Reduce your shipping costs and delays during the period:

Avoid increased freight costs when you are organised early. Freight costs typically soar before CNY, as businesses and customers worldwide try to get the goods and freight out of China before the factories and ports close.

Additionally, by having your goods leave China before the rush, you reduce the risk of your container being held over another higher-paying customer. Having your container bumped multiple times can add weeks to your order’s arrival.

Plan for after Chinese New Year:

Make sure you have enough stock to cover the weeks following CNY. It can take time for factories to get up to full production speed after the break while the staff return to work. There may also be a backlog of orders to fill that have come in over the shutdown.

Please speak to your customer service representative about how we can help you prepare for a stress-free CNY 2020.

POSTED ON December 17, 2019