Standard, Timed and 'Closed Network' Next Day Soultions

We offer a range of Next Day delivery services throughout the United Kingdom that provides an end of next day time guaranteed delivery, as well as offering unique in-house Trunk and Last Mile service for highly sensitive consignments.

Our Next Day service options include delivery by 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:00 pm or end of Day, which is the most cost-effective option.

We provide online booking 24 hours a day by phone and online and will send you an electronic proof of delivery (POD) signature of the recipient as standard with no additional cost.

Trunk and Last Mile
Traditionally Next Day logistics companies services are based on the use of multiple consolidation warehouses and a fleet of third-party transport suppliers, managing parcels throughout the night to deliver the next day.

The parcel is scanned ‘in to’ but not ‘out of’ each sorting hub that it passes through, which means the tracking data will only show the time and location of the last occasion the scan occurred, not its current location.

Traditionally, Next Day services remain an excellent low-cost option for delivering consignments that are not of high value or irreplaceable; for high-value items, you should consider using our Same Day or Trunk and Final mile service.

TVS SCS Trunk and final mile service is managed on a different model and is better suited to consignments that are of high value or irreplaceable.

How Trunk and Last Mile works
When you use the TVS SCS Trunk and Final Mile service, we will manage your consignments entirely within our network, with no third-party suppliers involved we keep the handling points to a minimum.  Also, we scan consignments in and out of our sorting hub and use real-time GPS Tracking technology to further reduce potential points of failure.
You can track the final leg of the delivery online in real-time, with the recipient signature emailed to you upon delivery completion.

We designed this service to deliver urgent, sensitive, and time-critical consignments for our clients in the Retail, Financial, Automotive and Medical sectors, with a 99.8% first-time delivery success rate.

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      Next Day Services Types

    Next Day Courier Solutions

    • Timed Services - We offer a range of Next Day delivery services through the UK providing delivery by 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm or end of Day.
    • Accessibility - Access to secure online booking with track and trace capability as well as access to 24/7 Call Centre.
    • Bespoke - Bespoke client booking screens configured to capture and valid mandatory references and cost centers.
    • Flexible - Flexible reporting systems provide detailed Management Information (MI) reports to enable clients to audit usage on the account.
    • Accountable - We automatically measure our performance; against agreed upon client Service Level Agreements.

    Next Day Technology Solutions

    As an established courier, transporting sensitive, high value and time-critical supplies we have comprehensive procedures in place to track and monitor all parcels in our care. The integrated technology systems used for scheduling, job allocation, driver management and consignment tracking provide us with comprehensive sets of data covering all aspects of our operation which we can share with our clients.

    A primary benefit of our system is that all interactions and status changes applied to both your booking and parcel are automatically captured in our system via handheld devices using GPS location and barcode technology, these processes happen in real-time, with data fed instantly into a central database.

    Our despatch systems monitor every consignment and predict its arrival time based on prevailing traffic conditions. If it is shown that delivery is likely to arrive after the agreed arrival time an email or SMS alert is sent to the client to advise them of a likely delay and provide an updated ‘delivered by’ time.

    The accurate capture and reporting of the details provided during and throughout the booking process is a fundamental element of the service we provide. Our finance and reporting systems have been designed to be flexible so that we can provide clients with the level of Management Information (MI) they need to monitor and control performance, spend and usage on the account. We automatically measure our performance; against the SLA’s we have agreed with clients and provide regular reporting against these agreed KPI’s

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    A next day delivery service is one in which the supplier will deliver your item the day after the courier collected it. You should, however, be aware that the courier that collected your item will not be the same person that deliveries it.

    Typically, your item will pass through a network of sorting hubs and be loaded and unloaded from numerous courier vehicles before it arrives at its final destination.
    The introduction of multiple handling points throughout the delivery process enables the supplier to consolidate hundreds of thousands of items together to deliver a more economical solution.

    A timed or time Guaranteed next day delivery refers to the time that the courier company have committed to delivering a parcel that they have collected the previous day.

    Courier suppliers will offer a range of timed next day’s services which typically include before 9:30 am before 12:00pm or by the end of the day.

    If you choose a pre-9:30am delivery, you should be aware that courier may attempt to make the delivery as early as 8:30 am. So, you should be sure that there will be someone at the delivery location to accept the item; otherwise, the courier may not be able to complete the delivery.

    The cost of the Next day service will increase depending on how early it is delivered so a pre-9:30am will be more expensive than an end of the working day delivery.

    Milestone tracking is a term used by Next Day courier companies to describe the scanning of items sent through their delivery networks. Typically, items they are delivering will pass through several different sortation hubs and warehouses before arriving at their final destination. The company will scan the item on arrival at each of these locations, enabling customers to see the stage or milestone of their item.

    This type of tracking makes it challenging to locate misrouted items within the network as the current location of the item is not known, only its last scanned location. Typically, ‘milestone tracking’ is used by large next day service providers who offer low costs and manage hundreds of thousands of items each day.


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