What’s in it for me?

Competitive Pay

The more deliveries you choose to make, the more you earn. You will want to ensure you work a safe number of hours each day, however, during the hours that you choose to work there is no limit on how many parcels you can deliver.

If you deliver a good level of service that meets our customers’ requirements, then you can continue to make yourself available to receive work booked by our customers. On average, couriers can earn between £500 and £700 per week, with amounts up to or above £1,500 per week, depending on how often you wish to make yourself available to receive jobs booked.

It will be up to 3 weeks before you receive your first payment from us, or as little as 10 days depending on which day you start, but after that your earnings will be paid straight into your bank account every week and you will receive a self-bill statement detailing the jobs you have covered and the earnings you have made from those jobs.

Be your own boss

You can work when you want to, so there is no pressure if you want to spend time studying, do the school run, or fit work around your own lifestyle. You can choose to work one day or more each week and select your own times to be available to work. Because we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can even choose to work during the night or at weekends when the roads are quieter. If you choose to work as a courier full time to maximise how much you can earn, you are free to do so. You just need to let us know when you are available and wish to receive work, then log on to the app to start receiving jobs.

You even have the option to provide a substitute to do the work on your behalf when you are unable to cover a job allocated to you, as long as they are known to us, have been onboarded onto our system and you are able to pay them for covering the job as your substitute.

And because you are your own boss, you can choose to work as a courier for other companies when you are not completing a job for us. As long as our customer jobs are delivered by the deadline set by our customers, you are free to work for other companies and we encourage you to do so, to help maximise your earnings from working as a courier.

Local and National Deliveries

With more Service Centers than any other company, we can offer you work within your local area and across the UK. If you choose to take long-distance jobs, there is a good chance you will be offered another job on the way back from one of our other UK locations, increasing the amount you can earn from working as a courier. Happy days!

No Experience Required

If you can follow simple instructions, have good working use of the English language, are careful when handling and transporting parcels and are friendly and professional with the customers you are serving, you have all the qualities you need to be an excellent courier. We look forward to working with you.

Advice and support

You’ll get to know the local Service Center Manager and the team really well. They are there to give you support and guidance they want you to be successful and will do everything they can to help you in meeting your personal earning targets at TVS SCS Courier Services.

Innovative Dispatch – Courier Alliance App

In addition to work that can be received from our standard Courier App, you will be given free access to another courier job app called Courier Alliance, which will give you the opportunity to bid on courier jobs around the UK. You can use this to be informed of jobs posted on the Courier Alliance platform in your own local area, or to be informed automatically of new jobs that come onto the system as you travel around the country working as a courier.

The Courier Alliance app allows you to bid on new jobs booked by customers in the area you are driving in, or to search for jobs booked in an area you will be driving to later in the day, which you can bid on to secure for later in the day, which is a great way to increase your earnings even more.


What will I need to become a courier?


You will need your own vehicle to work as a self-employed courier. You can use your own car as a Parcel Car, but if you choose to use a car we prefer hatchback or estate cars where you can fold the rear seats to create a parcel carrying space. You can use a small van or a large van and these will provide more parcel carrying capacity and provide more flexibility that can allow you to carry more parcels and so earn more money from working as a courier.

You can hire or lease vans if you do not own one and you can find vehicle suppliers by searching online.

You can work as a courier using a motorbike, or in London you can work as a pushbike courier, using your own pushbike.

Fuel for your vehicle

You may wish to consider using a fuel card to obtain competitive pricing and help budget the cost. There are numerous suppliers providing fuel cards to small businesses or self-employed contractors, who can be found by searching online. We have listed some examples below in no particular order that you may wish to explore.

Right Fuel Card for sole traders


FuelGenie for Self-Employed


FuelMate a fuel card comparison site


Shell Cards for small businesses


WEX, providing Esso FuelCards for small and large businesses


Vehicle Insurance

You will need to ensure you have a correct vehicle insurance policy to trade as courier, which clearly states your business description and that ‘Hire and Reward’ cover is present or not restricted from the policy. In the event your current insurance does not meet this requirement, or you have yet to purchase insurance please contact our recommended partner Business Choice Direct via the options below:

Call: 0330 1188 906 or visit the Business Choice Direct website where you can obtain a quote or request a call back.  – https://www.businesschoicedirect.co.uk/tvs/

Smart Phone

You will need a mobile phone with Android (6 or above) or an iPhone with iOS (11 or above), we will send you a link to download our Courier App from where you will be able to receive jobs booked by our customers, update your progress on completing the jobs and a host of other useful features designed to help you to complete the jobs and keep our customers informed of progress.

There will be a weekly hire charge of £7.50 for the Courier App, but this is a key tool of your trade and we will deduct the weekly charge from the earnings you make as a courier.

Driving License

To accept jobs from us you will need to prove that you have a full driving license that allows you to drive in the UK.


You do not need to wear a uniform when working as a courier, but you will need to wear adequate PPE clothing, so a pair of sturdy safety boots and a hi-viz vest is needed for when you are delivering parcels into customer premises. We will provide you with a photo ID, so that you are able to prove that you are collecting parcels on our behalf as you arrive at the customer premises.

Right to work in the UK and other checks

You will need to prove that you have the right to work in the UK, our simple online application will ask you to provide information documents which can be uploaded into our application system. We will also need to complete some other basic checks such as proof of address.

The application process will provide the list of documents we will need to onboard you as a courier and these can be photographed and uploaded online. We will also need to complete a DBS criminal record check as this is needed for many of our customers and will allow you to receive more work as a courier.

There is a charge for the DBS check (currently £25), which we will deduct from your first earnings as a courier, but once these checks have been completed, you are set up and ready to begin earning as a courier.

Register for self-employment

If you have not done so already, you will need to register as a self-employed contractor with HMRC. Registration is free and will allow you to set up as a self-employed contractor for taxation purposes.

As a self-employed courier, you will be responsible for filing tax returns and paying applicable tax and national insurance on the earnings that you make working as a courier.

You can do this yourself, or seek the services of an accountant to do this for you so that you are tax efficient when working as a courier.

How quickly can my application be processed so I can work as a Courier?

We can process your application and have you set up as a courier in our systems within a few days, as long as you can provide the documentation we need to onboard you onto our system. If you can dedicate a little time to pulling the documentation together, we will get you set up quickly so you can begin to receive jobs and start earning.


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