Technical Deployment and Maintenance

TVS SCS Technical Deployment and Maintenance provides a wide range of field technical deployment and maintenance throughout the UK, Europe, USA and India, including:

  • Break/Fix
  • Asset Recovery Projects
  • Deployment
  • Deskside Support Repair Workshops
  • Flex & Agency Services

Break/ Fix
We support desktop and enterprise equipment as well as EPOS, Banking & ATM, Managed Print, Technical Staffing, Warehousing and Logistics.
Transactional Pricing Model.
All onsite break/fix, IMAC and new installations.
Spare parts distributed through the TVS SCS PUDO & FSL network.
“hands and eyes” support.

Asset Recovery
A proven track record for recovering value from end of life cycle assets creating potential new revenue sources for your business.
Increase the first-time delivery/fix rate of replacement products to your customers as part of an asset warranty or recovery program.
Manage your project within legislative requirements of government regulatory agencies.
Full contract ownership through TVS SCS owned distribution, transport and technical engineer networks.

Projects & Development Services
Seamless end-to-end ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your project deployment needs.
Hardware staging & software loading.
Storage and Distribution.
Site preparation, Installation and configuration.
Removal and disposal of packaging.

Repair Workshops
Repair Workshops specialises in the repair, refurbishment and remarketing.
Unrivalled ability to support a wide range of technology specialisations.
Multi-vendor filter and repair avoidance processes.
Warranty repair and exchange services.
Repair Workshops in UK, Europe, USA and India.


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