TVS SCS, with the help of its proprietary framework, builds products tailor-made for various supply chain activities. This cloud-based digital platform is powered by a microservice-based architecture and is highly scalable and reliable. This enables TVS SCS to deliver end to end supply chain solutions to suit our customer needs.

We have taken this a step further by combining our products with our AI/ML models, which have helped make our systems intelligent by bypassing human intervention and enabling us to create a touchless supply chain platform for our customers.


  • Technological Framework - Addressing the complex supply chain challenges with a strong technological framework.
  • Platforms and solutions - Catering to global client networks and their diverse requirements with developed product platforms and solutions.
  • Simple Digital Solutions - Reducing the complexities of supply chain management with our digital-driven solutions.
  • Highly transparent - Complete transparency and visibility of every stage of the supply chain with our smart in-house applications.

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