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We have specialist knowledge and expertise in developing and delivering refurbishment solutions to prolong the life of your most valuable assets and minimise spend on new.  By refurbishing failed or end of life items, this offers you significant financial and environmental benefits.

With over 20 years of experience, TVS have established core processes to the highest quality industry standards.  The value that TVS deliver through this capability is the considerable cost savings that are associated with refurbishing your assets over buying them new.


All the parts used in the refurbishment process are from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We offer a 12-month warranty on all refurbished items to give you peace of mind that your assets have been refurbished to the best possible condition.

From equipment repair and assembly through to equipment testing, TVS offers a wide range of refurbishment services. 

We provide a full suite of refurbishment services to enhance the productivity and prolong the life of your assets

Refurbishment is a key service across all sectors. A great example would be our beverage clients who are taking advantage of the costs savings and the ability to prolong the life of their assets by utilising our refurbishment capability.

Currently, our capability covers all areas of beverage equipment from dispense and cellar refurbishment to assembly and cooler refurbishment backed by testing. Whether your market is beer, soft drinks, coffee or catering, we can take control of your refurbishment needs. 

We ensure high industry standards are in place with our skilled engineer's holding F-Gas and R290 accreditations.

Our Services Include

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There are environmental benefits to refurbishing products, but where equipment does need to be disposed of, we can decommission safely and cost-effectively in line with regulations. We work to the WEEE Compliance Scheme, which contributes to increasing green credentials.

Our Mobile Event Bars is a popular, added service that we offer to our beverage customers. We rent out the mobile bar equipment required for events as well as printing all the required graphics necessary on the mobile bar equipment.

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TVS can provide a fully managed returns process.

Returns Service (Sift & Sort)

Within Smart Metering TVS manage the returns process of ‘off the wall circuits’ (typically legacy electricity and gas meters) which are then returned to the original Meter Asset Provider (MAP). Traceability of assets is a key industry requirement, providing our clients with full visibility of their assets.

The Meter Asset Provider has the option to collect the meters or instruct for them to be recycled in line with MAMCoP compliance.

Our returns processing capability

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