The drive for intelligent systems to support the end to end supply chain is set to increase as the ability to gather, store, access and analyse data is growing exponentially. The TVS Msys IT architecture provides customers with a leading Information Management System that reaches across multiple tiers of the supply chain and gathers information from multiple sources to drive standardisation and deliver visibility and efficiency.

Msys provides a modular approach to supply chain IT architecture that is easily configured to underpin specific customer supply chain requirements. It provides the ability to forecast and capture demand as early as possible and have that linked directly to the supply chain thereby minimising Inventory held to help reduce cost, optimise lead time and achieve on-time delivery.

Msys Modules


Well proven integration with a wide range of recognised IT enterprises such as SAP and Oracle gives clients confidence that Msys provides a dedicated platform to optimise the performance of its supply chain with a secure and resilient solution.