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TVS provide a suite of Consultancy Services in support of industry sectors that experience complex supply chains or are asset intensive.  We are supply chain practitioners, and provide value through the exploitation of network data and our industry knowledge. Our approach is to consult in a way that offers a scalable solution to transform the supply chain and logistics through efficiency and visibility to deliver improved performance and a reduction to operating costs.

Our Services Include:

Supply Chain Design

Supply chain design describes the management of key areas in the supply chain. The process includes the identification and best combination of systems and processes used in each element comprising the End to End Supply Chain, including:

  • Product Data Management
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Global Strategic Purchasing
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Storage/Warehousing
  • Transportation Services
  • Data Analytics

Our value add is created through our expertise and methods.

We can consult on the most effective ways for you to manage your supply chain using scenario modelling and supply chain simulation, to building a strategic network design.  We can guide you through best practice to help develop a supply chain that will meet the future needs of your business.


Supply Chain Optimisation

Supply Chain Optimisation is the processes and tools used to create a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain. Aligning your operations and manufacturing to a lean model can be extremely beneficial to your business.

TVS can assist in building the optimum supply chain model by using our extensive bank of tools and our knowledge of proven processes. As supply chain optimisation is our 'core proposition’ and we have different ways in which we can analyse your current situation to provide cost improvement options, including cost-benefit analysis to inform decision making.

Strategic Procurement

Strategic procurement involves the overall management of procurement activities to reduce waste and identify the overall lowest cost of supply of the technically compliant product.  Improving your Strategic Procurement capability can significantly contribute to the overall profitability of an organisation and can be a key enabler to successful growth.

Our global reach and extensive experience in strategic procurement mean we can give you the best possible direction to build a successful ethical and environmental compliant procurement strategy.



Systems Integration

Systems integration is the process of integrating a range of disparate systems in the interest of creating more value and sustainability. Often companies have several operational and business systems that don't integrate. The importance of having a fully integrated system compliments a lean business operating model and helps to achieve the business objectives.

We have extensive experience in integrating systems into our customer's operations systems, whether that is a manufacturing, ordering or other business systems. We can advise you the best way to achieve a fully integrated platform and achieve your goals.

Project Management and Implementation Support

Project delivery on time and to budget is a key enabler of business change.

At TVS we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver complex projects and business change programs on behalf of our Clients. Our project management capability combines the principles of APM PMQ with the knowledge and experience of a team of supply chain practitioning Project Managers to deliver projects on time.

An agile and pragmatic approach to problem-solving, together with flexible post-completion support ensures projects deliver the planned benefit to the Client.

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