TVS SCS provides Same Day courier services to clients across multiple business sectors with a range of different delivery requirements. Clients depend on us to manage their same day, complex and time-critical delivery requirements as well as standard delivered by “the end of the day” services.

Our operational model is flexible and responsive, enabling us to accommodate almost all user requirements. We have training processes in place that enable us to effectively communicate client work instructions to our fleet and operational staff to accommodate bespoke requirements.

We are the UK’s leading provider of same-day courier services with a national network of 42 strategically placed Service Centres, in addition, we have access to 3,000 experienced, and fully-vetted couriers supported by efficient operating procedures and real-time tracking.

Each one of our Service Centres is managed by an experienced team who maintain their fleet of local couriers and manage the service levels they have agreed with their clients.

Robust contingency and operational procedures are in place to reassure our clients of a safe, secure, and on-time delivery.

Technology is layered throughout our operating systems, bringing real-time reporting, heightened efficiency and easing the administrative burden for customers.

We provide clients with transparency and security; users can book online and view the location of their courier in real-time.

We can send users a range of automated notifications by SMS and/or email, including collection on-route and instant Proof of Delivery notices.

Our dynamic estimated time of arrival notifications provide real-time delivery updates based on live traffic data keeping you informed every step of the way.

We provide delivery in a range of different courier vehicle from motorbike to large long wheel-based vans, we also offer a dedicated courier service to support your national or local in-house requirements.

We engage with and provide the services of self-employed couriers who are required to satisfy our industry ‘best in class’ vetting procedure, including right to work and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks as well as agreeing to an operational code of conduct.

Closed-Loop Logistics

Our technology links together all our logistics, distribution and transport networks including Forward Stocking Locations, PUDOs, Intelligent Lockers, In-Night, Repair and Technical Services providing access from a single online portal. This approach enables clients to introduce a ‘closed-loop logistics’ strategy that avoids costly third-party mark-ups and the lack of ownership that can result in multiple service failures when using separate third-party suppliers within a supply chain strategy.

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      Same Day Services Types

    Same Day Courier Solutions

    • Comprehensive range - We offer same day, next day, and international courier services.
    • Coverage - Over 3,000 same day couriers operating from a network of 42 National Service Centres who are supported by a 24hr National Control Centre.
    • Online - Book online and view the location of your courier in real-time.
    • Management - We manage all your ad-hoc, scheduled and complex logistical requirements.
    • Dynamic ETA's - Notifications system provides real-time delivery updates based on live traffic data.
    • Automatic Notifications - by SMS and email including on route, collection, in transit and an instant Proof of Delivery notices.
    • Vetted - All couriers are vetted in line with the Governments Baseline Personnel Security Standard, which includes DBS checks.

    We provide our customers with ‘best in class technology, providing users with access to a wide range of online features designed around a simple booking interface. Our system gives you the ability to view the location of your consignment in real-time and at street-level, providing total visibility from the moment the booking requested, through to moment it is delivered. These features save customers time in making and managing bookings and provide total visibility of the courier throughout its journey.

    A secure online booking portal presenting a simple logical booking process, structured so that minimal information is required thereby reducing the time taken to place a booking and the risk of booking errors.

    Comprehensive details of ‘proof of delivery’ (POD) information available instantly and emailed automatically to the users and any other nominated stakeholders.

    The POD notification includes the delivery address, date and time of delivery as well as a copy of the recipient’s signature.

    Users can also share a live tracking link with other stakeholders that shows the location of the booking reducing the time spent internally querying or advising stakeholders of the location of the courier.

    An online portal designed for ‘self-service’ so not only can your users make standard, priority and pre-bookings they can also amend or cancel bookings, without the need to make a call requesting to a member of our team.

    The booking system provides a complete timeline audit of all activities related to every booking, including the route and speed of the courier during the journey.

    This feature reduces the time traditionally spent reviewing booking queries and builds instant confidence with users.

    The system that has been designed with the flexibility to capture and report against any unique identification codes you require users to enter to support your invoice reconciliation process.

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    Best in Class Courier Vetting

    To be assigned jobs by TVS SCS couriers need to satisfy a vetting process which is in line with the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS). Our recruitment governance is always guided and influenced by the latest HMG BPSS recommendation a recognized standard that aims to assure as to the trustworthiness, integrity and probable reliability of prospective employees.

    BPSS comprises verification of four main elements:

    • Identity confirmation checks
    • Nationality and Immigration Status (including an entitlement to undertake the work in question)
    • Relevant employment history (past 3 years)
    • Criminal record (including a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check)

    All courier verification and training records are held on our internal fleet management system. The system holds expiration dates of relevant training, accreditations and licenses and automatically alerts Service Centre teams where refresher training is due. Critically the system will prevent the allocation of work to couriers without the correct training or valid license, thereby ensuring that only couriers that have completed the pre-requisite Porsche training will be able to work on your account.

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    A Same Day courier service is one in which the courier will collect and deliver your parcel on the same day. When placing a Same Day courier booking, you will need to provide sufficient information about the delivery to enable the courier to fulfil the booking. The information required will include the vehicle type required as well as full collection and delivery details. Some Same Day suppliers, including TVS SCS, will also ask for the time you need the booking to be delivered by so that they can prioritise the delivery of your parcel so that it arrives before your deadline.

    TVS SCS provide additional benefits, including access to real-time tracking so that customers can see the location of their courier online throughout the delivery process, as well as automatic Proof of Delivery notices (POD’s) which shows the electronic signature of the recipient. These value-added services offer extra confidence and assurance for your parcel delivery.

    Customers will typically choose to book a Same Day courier when the parcel they are sending is urgent or valuable. With TVS Same Day Courier solution you use you will be able to stipulate the time by which you want the parcel to arrive, this priority service will typically cost a little bit more.

    You will also be able to track your parcel online in real-time, providing additional confidence. The other key advantage of the Same Day courier service is that unlike a Next Day delivery services, your parcel will be transported by the same courier throughout the journey minimising the possibility of loss, damage or delay.

    You should use the services of a Same Day courier when the item you need to send has to be there on the same day it is being collected. You should always confirm with the courier supplier when placing the booking that they have enough time to collect your item and deliver it within the same day. You will also need to confirm with the supplier what evidence they will provide that the item has been successfully delivered or what procedure they will follow if there is no one at the delivery location to accept the item.

    TVS SCS provides their customers automatic proof of delivery notices (POD’s) as standard and have comprehensive operation procedures in place should it not be possible to deliver your item.

    A Dynamic ETA is a service which provides courier customers with real-time information on the estimated time of that their parcel will arrive at its destination.
    Most courier suppliers will factor into its delivery commitments historical traffic conditions. However, TVS SCS have gone a step further by developing ‘dynamic eta’s’ which provide updates based on real-time traffic data that the courier may experience during the journey.

    Automatic POD’s are an important value-added service that some courier suppliers offer. Professional courier suppliers will offer automatic POD notification as a standard part of their service. Typically, this will result in the customer receiving an email or SMS which includes the electronic signature of the recipient of the parcel that has been delivered, with the signature captured on the courier’s mobile phone APP.

    At TVS SCS the automatic POD will show the time and date of the delivery as well as an electronic signature and the printed name of the recipient this service provides an additional assurance about the quality of the courier service delivery.

    With a national network of 42 strategically placed regional Service Centres, TVS SCS is the largest Same Day courier company in the UK. We have access to a network of 3,000 experienced, and fully-vetted couriers and provide courier services based on efficient operating procedures and real-time tracking. Each Service Centre is managed by an experienced team who maintain its fleet of local Same Day couriers and provide a range of courier services.


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