Ravichandran was the first employee of TVS SCS when it was founded 25 years back as a subsidiary of TVS & Sons. He has helped to build the company to become a global conglomerate. With specific domain expertise in the Automobile Supply Chain, he has been the driving force in establishing TVS SCS as the leading supply chain service provider globally. 

He brings to the table a diverse professional experience spanning over 40 years in consumer durables, automobiles and logistics industries. He was instrumental in the acquisition of over 15 companies, 12 of them outside India and has been responsible for the successful formation of 7 joint ventures, 4 of them outside India.

He also steers the company in its fundraising initiatives. Ravichandran had also served as a member of the subcommittee formed for Supply Chain by the Government of India and is often invited to share his experiences in various leading seminars in India and abroad. Ravichandran is an Engineering Graduate with Management degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.