By putting customers at the heart of everything we do, TVS SCS plays a crucial role in helping our clients drive efficiency and cost reduction. At the same time, ensuring that specified regulatory and customer service targets are met.

TVS recognise that it is critical to ensure every job is completed on time and with minimal disruption by your engineering teams out in the field.

It has never been more critical to get it right the first time.

TVS SCS specialises in providing tailored solutions that put you, as the customer, at the centre of our thinking, processes and development. We will collaborate and develop a solution that best suits your specific needs.

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Overcoming the Productivity Lag



  • Increase efficiency in your engineering network
  • Improve engineer productivity - more jobs/installs per day
  • Provide control and visibility of stock in stores, depots or in the engineer's van
  • Increase parts availability
  • Reduce overall inventory holding
  • Resilient and versatile transport solutions
  • Cost reduction through focused value adding solutions
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We understand your requirements to install 53 million gas and electricity smart meters to all homes and small businesses by 2024 and will help you maintain efficiency on this journey.

Helping you to meet your requirements

TVS SCS have a tailor-made smart solution covering distribution of meters to your engineer teams, procurement of consumables, van stock inventory management and full asset tracking for the lifetime of a meter, including the return of old meter units to the original Meter Asset Provider (MAP).

Refurbishment & Returns Management Page

We can provide areas within our facilities for your employees, or ours, to perform tasks such as basic maintenance, quality checks, preparation of kits and meter configuration work.

We provide the assurance of a safe, reliable, secure and fully managed supply chain solution.

Supply Chain Management & Support

Whether you are an electricity, gas or water distribution network operator, a Utilities contractor or a Smart Metering MOP, we have proven expertise in providing the assurance of a safe, reliable and secure fully managed supply chain solution. We deliver adaptable responsive supply chains through innovative methods and processes to help you meet your business and regulatory requirements.

Improve Your Service Performance

We ensure your engineers receive the right part, at the right time, in the right place, providing them with the ability to complete jobs, on time, and through driving efficiency to deliver more jobs per day.

Increase Your Profitability

Utilising our Mobile Resource Management tools we will reduce your operating cost by optimising your stock levels across the network, including warehouse, depots, engineers vans and sites.

Reduce Your Working Capital

We help to remove and prevent any excess stock using our intelligent Demand Forecast and Planning software, providing the optimal balance of high levels of stock availability and reducing inventory holding.

Eliminate Waste

Save money and improve sustainability, while meeting CSR goals. We proactively look to create value within your supply chain, providing you with a long term solution to drive performance through innovation.

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