The company is based in Detroit, Michigan and is one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. They employ over 180,000 associates across the globe. The company has produced over 10 million vehicles, resulting in revenues exceeding $140 billion. TVS has worked continuously with this manufacturer for over 25 years and has become a trusted partner in their Supply Chain.

In 2016, the customer constructed a 1.1 million SF, State-of-the-art Logistics Optimization Center located in Wentzville, Missouri (approximately 40 miles west of St. Louis). TVS was chosen to occupy and manage this new facility. Working closely with the customer, TVS executed the consolidation of three existing warehouses into the new LOC in less than one week, without any disruption to the manufacturer’s assembly line.


  • Off-site Just in Time Materials Management
  • Innovative Kitting and Sequencing Solutions
  • Value Added Sub-Assembly
  • Industry leading error proofing technology 
  • Reverse Logistics & Container Management 
  • Rack Repair and Fabrication
  • Quality Containment – Inspection and Rework


    Inventory Accuracy Exceeding 99%
    On-hand Inventory Reduced from Days to Minutes
    Increased Productivity through JIT Delivery Systems
    Consistent Part Availability
    Real-Time Inventory Management
    Transparent Part Proliferation